Carpetido Design Vintage Rug Red in 320x230


We present this handmade designer carpet in red and size 3,2x2,3m (exact size: 322x228cm) - a Carpetido Design. It has a pleasant brightness, which makes it highly adaptable for your existing interior space. Wouldn’t this carpet look wonderful in your living room? Try it out and get a Carpetido carpet.

Brand: Carpetido Design
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Every Vintage Carpet made by is hand-knotted or hand-woven and unique in every aspect. Fine  Persian and Turkish originals are recreated during an elaborate fabrication process and are reinvented into “one  of a kind” premium designer pieces.

During this process the carpet undergoes several washings. In order to obtain the typical “used” character we  essentially reduce the surface (“tuft”) until the brighter foundation shines through. Our carpets receive their  multifaceted colors and special shades through individual and careful overdyeing and their finishing touches  during a final washing and a drying under the warm oriental sun. Our team of experts closely performs and  monitors the handcrafted production process every step of the way. 

For further details about our Vintage Carpets and our fabrication process please go here.

Rug Properties
PileHandspun wool
Exact size322cm x 228cm
Age20 - 50 years

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