Classic Vintage Rugs

Classic Vintage Rugs

Classic Rugs

Our rugs from the Classic Vintage collection are beautifully preserved, authentic oriental rugs that sometimes have a few decades under their belt. The pieces are professionally controlled by us, undergoing multiple rug washes, and in rare cases, they are partially restored before we include them in our catalog. But what is the actual idea behind ​​our Classic Vintage carpets? For our „Carpetido Design" rugs we regularly procure specific older rugs in the respective countries of origin that have the potential to be re-invented into colorful and modern unique pieces.

Our experience and well-rehearsed processes also enable us to meet the increasing demand of our customers for reasonably priced traditional rugs. Our Classic Vintage Rugs stand for the idea of ​​sustainability, the respect and appreciation of traditional craftsmanship, history and the firm conviction of second life cycles.

Classic vintage rugs generally are refurbished hand-knotted oriental rugs. Each of these rugs has undergone a professional washing process and a rigorous quality control. Repairs or stressed areas can be more pronounced compared to new goods. As is the case with all used and refurbished pieces of furniture, our trained eye will decide during the purchasing and professional finishing process whether our high-quality goals have been met. In order to give you a descriptive picture of every rug, we put a lot of focus in creating our photos and of course will answer all other questions that you might. Contact us!

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