Modern Vintage Rug

Modern Vintage Rugs

Unique pieces from Hamburg
from own production

Overdyed Vintage Rugs offers you premium Vintage Carpets from our own production.Every Carpet is unique and has  been gently and caringly fabricated from a selection of high quality Persian or Anatolian Carpets. The patterns of these old Oriental carpets still shimmer through the overdyed colors. Here you will find our broad selection of  unique Vintage Carpets in virtually all colours and sizes. Please feel free to browse around and filter for red,  green, large or small Carpets or any other color or size of your preference.


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Overdyed Vintage Rugs


Vintage Teppiche in PinkThe history of Persian and classic Oriental Carpets goes back centuries and so does their tradition. There are  countless provinces (native origins) which determine the various styles and patterns. These kinds of carpets are  usually hand-knotted and elaborately produced pieces. For our Vintage Carpets we solely select high quality,  well-maintained fabrics and refine them within our own sophisticated production.

Vintage Style – Turning Old into New

In this modern time and age there is a high demand of individual, distinguished decorations. Transforming used  and aged items into eye catching contemporary must-haves does not only apply to furniture, jeans, leather  jackets or shoes, it has also found its way into the world of interior design. One might call these new styles  Shabby Chic, Vintage Style or Industrial Look. This is how a new trend was born: the traditional well aged  oriental carpet meets an endless bandwidth of fresh new colors, still used and sometimes a little shabby here and  there but well-kept. Why not try colorful and posh or experimental and loud or perhaps unobtrusive and  minimalistic. Whatever carpet turns out to be the right fit for you we have made it affordable. 

The Production of our Vintage Carpets will only offer you absolute unique, one of a kind designer pieces and this is why: Every single  carpet has been hand-knotted or hand-woven and is many years’ sometimes even several decades old and will  therefore be naturally worn off. These abrasions are exactly what we need for our new Vintage Carpet. The  original carpet, the foundation for our vintage carpet, will always be a Persian or an Anatolian Carpet.

During an elaborate process we will systematically remove the old color segments, as gently as possible. If  deemed necessary the initial degree of wear might even be manually enhanced. Very often, after completion of  the decolorization process, the faded Oriental Carpet will be so incredibly beautiful and elegant that we decide to skip the subsequent overdyeing process.  The amazing results are fine sandy shades with light patterns making  these one of our most favorite products. Very essential is the thorough washing process, after which the carpet  will be refined and air-dried. The burning Sun of the Orient will provide our carpet with the final touch.

Vintage Carpets – So many Colors

When it comes to the wide selection of colors we use for our Vintage Carpets the sky is the limit. The  decolorized carpet will be completely overdyed. Afterwards it will be washed again, refined and dried. The  breath-taking beauty of a new created Vintage Carpet never ceases to amaze us. The shades and nuances will  unfold and individually reinvent themselves due to the specific structure of the texture. Depending on the  preprocessing of the fabric the patterns and ornaments will be more or less visible which is what constitutes the  unique character of these designer carpets. Thanks to the used look every Vintage Carpet is like no other and will without question be the new highlight of your living room.