Kilim Rug Runner in 410x140cm


Beautiful kilim in size 4,1x1,4m (exact size: 413x143cm) and runner. It has a pleasant brightness, which makes it highly versatile for your existing interior space. The fine layout of kilim weaving revives the oriental sense of this great piece. An rug for your entrance hall with great vintage design.

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Kelims are also known as flatweave rugs. Woven primarily out of wool the illustrations on both sides of the rug are equally visible. Kelims were originally woven by nomads on portable horizontal ground looms. The illustrations vary depending on their country of origin, tribe or heritage of the weavers. The beautiful geometrical patterns, the broad variety of rich and bold colors and the ancient tradition distinguish the Kelim rug.

Our Patchwork Kelims have sewn on backsides which support and protect the rugs and cover the seams.

Rug Properties
PileHandspun wool
Exact size413cm x 143cm
AgeKilim 30 - 80 years

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